When you’ve got a big message, you’re bound to wind up authoring a few books. Below are some of Loren’s biggest accomplishments in the ongoing effort to help you heal, become inspired, and live your best life.

Life Tuneups

Featured in People Magazine as one of the “Top 3 Books of 2010!” Learn to recognize your unique gifts, celebrate your inner beauty, and take care of yourself as you juggle everything going on in your life. Life Tuneups provides practical advice for lasting change, and is centered on one core belief: if you stay true to yourself, you can have it all.

The Greatest Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom

This best-selling hardcover book is a collection of heartwarming stories that every mother or child can relate to. It’ll make you laugh… it’ll make you cry. There are poems, photographs, stories, tips, and tools that every mom will treasure.

Drama-Free Divorce Detox

Drama Free Divorce Detox is about ridding yourself of everything and anything that can and will block you from moving forward towards a happy and fulfilling life after divorce. It’s all built on a foundation of three simple words: Rediscover, Reclaim, and Reinvent. Release ALL the built up crap and move forward.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive

101 inspiring stories about growth, wisdom, and dreams. These amazing stories that I curated with Chicken Soup for the Soul will give you the tools and motivation you need to thrive. It’s over a hundred tiny little windows into your soul!