Falling in Love with Effort

Imagine, for a moment, that you had everything you ever wanted. You step outside of your dream home onto a street where everyone instantly falls in love with you. The only dating problem you have is deciding who to go out with … and when! You’re constantly praised, even if you never lift a finger.… read more »

The Magic of Being Patiently Persistent

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished over the past year. For any of those goals that you stuck to and achieved … celebrate! Be proud of the commitment that you made and all the work you did to get here today. For those goals that… read more »

Are You Living Your Legacy?

We’re faced with so many choices each day. Some are little, like “Should I post this on Instagram?” While others have a big impact on our lives, like “Should I change careers?” or “Should I move to a new city?” After a while, these decisions can start to weigh us down. When faced with a… read more »

How to Get Off the Treadmill of Life

Have you ever asked your friends to describe you? If you have, you know that the answers can be surprising—and telling. I had a similar type of eye-opening experience after a recent event. The participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their time with me, and most people commented about how busy I… read more »

Why Non-Negotiables are a Must for Success

We all have those moments when we set goals and decide that we want our lives to be better. Sometimes it happens on New Year’s Eve or on our birthday. Other times, something happens to us that wakes us up and makes us realize that if we don’t make a change now—we never will. Maybe… read more »

Put Yourself First

“Self-care” has become a buzzword in the past few years, with more and more people realizing that they need to take time out from their busy schedules and nurture their minds and bodies. But while more people have adopted self-care routines, others criticize the idea, saying that it’s self-indulgent and just a way for spas… read more »

You Really Can Have It All

It’s a question that’s plagued women for years: Can you really have it all? Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we can’t. That at some point in our lives we need to choose between having a family and a career—or between our career and pursuing our interests and passions. But this is… read more »

How to Eliminate Drama From Your Life

It’s human nature to crave a little drama in our lives. When things are calm and stable, we can start to feel bored or restless—and then seek out drama to liven things up. Why else do we watch shows like “The Real Housewives of New York City?” Because all that drama can be pretty exciting!… read more »