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Breakthrough the Entire Year by Joining RESULTS COACHING! WHY Loren?

Results Coaching is the result of Loren’s 30+ years of coaching thousands of people all over the world.  Loren is an International Speaker, Coach, International Business Owner, and Author. By daring to look herself in the eye, call herself out if necessary and make course corrections, Loren is one of the few who actually fulfills dreams for herself and for others. She doesn’t just reach for them…  she goes after them with unflappable determination! She calls it GOYA. Translation: Get Off Your Ass!

What Does Results Coaching Include?

Real Coaching

Each month, I host two online group events. The hour long calls consist of a 30 minute group coaching session facilitated by me, your Results Coach. The second half of the call will be 30 minutes of Q&A where you, the members, have the opportunity to talk about whatever is on you mind… anything goes.

Facebook Live

Each week I host a live group meeting. Every week is a different topic where I, along with top experts, share strategies and tools about the week’s topic.

Real News

A different topic will be featured each month including finance, health & wellness, relationship, goal setting and vision. Your membership includes a monthly newsletter which will contain articles, recipes, product reviews, interviews and super food that complement the focus of the month. I love putting together valuable content each month that will help you turn up all areas of your life.

Real Experts

My network is your network. Having worked side by side with top thought leaders and experts in the world, you will be learning from some of the most extraordinary people in the world. I am so happy to be able to bring to you the insight, knowledge, interviews and special guest appearances from these great industry leaders.

Real People

As a member of Results Coaching, you will have complete access to the Results Coaching private Facebook group.

Real Contribution

There is nothing like the feeling of giving back. There are so people less fortunate than us. Together, we will give back to a charity or organization in need of our support.


I invite you to be one of the members of Results Coaching. I invite you to unite, transform and stay true. I invite you to awaken the blazing fire within you!


Loren has a reputation of being known as The Master Connector

All her life she has been about finding the Best people in all areas of life and Wants to share them with the community of people who are committed to growing. (As well as other info you had)


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-11:00 AM PST loren will be Live in the facebook group to answer ALL questions you may have
(As well as other info you had, should include guests)


ALL those who are part of the Results Coaching community will always receive a 20 percent discount code for Loren’s Products and events (Just that covers the price of the coaching program!)



Decide.  Commit.  And Resolve to take action and get the results you desire.  
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I am so excited about meeting you!

What People Saying About Loren Lahav

Loren has been my personal development and life-coach for the last several years. Her life's dedicated personal development and life-coaching experience has been instrumental to my coaching needs. Her extraordinary repertoire of knowledge and proven capabilities has been the key to my coaching success. Loren has focused my actions through asking better questions, which has ultimately resulted in achieving the greatest results possible.
CEO of Fortune 500 Company


3 days of immersive, INTENSIVE training


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