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April 22 - June 3

When you’re ready to share your voice and your dream, I want you SHOUTING from the rooftops. 

No whispering. No more just going through the motions. No half-efforts. 

I want you going for it. Because there IS something inside of you, ready to be seen, heard, and felt, around the world.

My dear friend, Gina, has made a career of helping experts and entrepreneurs find their voices through online courses and workshops. In fact, she helped me write one of my books, Life Tuneups, and develop other talks and events. And she wants to make sure your voice is heard, just like me.

You probably already know about the huge opportunities waiting for online course creators like you, including a whole new source of income, one that’s not tied to trading hours for dollars, one that works while you do whatever it is you love to do.

But none of this will start to happen- until you get your course done and welcome your first group of students.

My friend Gina can help you make this happen in just 6 weeks.

My goal has always been to assist people in achieving their dreams and I will always offer resources to my community to do so.

All Excuses Are Equal- So Get Out There and Accomplish Your Dreams!