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Do you ever feel like life is happening TO you instead of created BY you? What if you lived a purposeful life designed by you instead of for you? If you’re honest with yourself, many of us get swooped up in the trappings of life, and get swept away, caught up in the aftermath, wondering what just happened.

Join Loren and a group of incredible guest speakers for a powerful 3 ½ day excursion For Women Only as you embark on a journey where you will take your own palette and create your personal expression of you. Together we will rediscover and explore your inner Badass and inner Beauty. This experiential gathering will include new learnings, laughter, capturing insightful memoirs, and putting you back in the driver’s seat of your life. And you will create friendships that will truly last a lifetime.
Here’s what we have designed just for you…

Each day will include...

An Experiential Group Exercise

One-on-one Consultations

Opportunities to Pamper Yourself in the Spa

And many other surprises! Join us if you are ready to take your life to an unstoppable level and discover your inner Badass and Beautiful!

Days One and Two

  • Defining your Authentic Self
  • Identifying the Attributes that Make You Badass and/or Beautiful
  • Being Fully Alive, and Authentic to the Core
  • Identifying ways we Compromise Ourselves: Relationships, Business, Daily Life
  • Identifying Our Non-Negotiables
  • Acknowledging What You Need to Let Go of to Be Able to Step into Your Unapologetic Badass Self
  • Discovering ways to Honor Every Part of Yourself.
  • Expressing ways You Can Love and Appreciate Yourself Even More

Day Three

  • Explore: Where am I going? How do I get there?
  • Plan Out Where You want to Be in One Year? Five Years? Twenty?
  • Discovering How to Manifest Your Dreams
  • Learning About the Importance of Daily Rituals
  • Learning About Why Girlfriends are So Important In Your Life

Day Four

  • You Are Blessed with What You Need… How Do You Contribute and Give Back to Others?
  • Discovering Your Unique Gift(s) and Passions so You Can be Fully Vivacious, Energetic and Attract What You Want in Your Life
  • Learning Ways to Become the Woman you Most Admire… It Could be YOU!
  • Learning How to Create a Community of Women Committed to Making a Difference in the World