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Loren is putting together a new program, and she wants to know what would help you the most!

Loren Lahav - Hello!

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If you are interested in scheduling a 15 minute call with Loren and her team, you will get the course at 1/3 off when it's ready as her personal THANK YOU!

Loren Lahav - Manifest

Do you want to create meaningful & sustainable changes in your life?

Are you ready to become a magnet for everlasting miracles in your life?

Loren is a best-selling author, speaker, and inspirational coach who has been teaching master-level manifestation practices for over two decades.

Now Loren is excited to be working on an all new course, bringing these proven practices to your doorstep.

Self Paced Learning

Take your time with this video course that includes meditation practices and exercises you can master at your own pace. Lifetime access allows you to review as often as you'd like!

Group Coaching

Group coaching via Zoom with Loren herself, where you can ask questions specific to your manifestation practices.

Badass and Beautiful

Get inspired and get living, with bonus lessons from Loren's "Badass and Beautiful" inspirational program and trainings.

How does this work?

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Loren would love to hear from you! If you are open to a quick interview with Loren, she would love to design the course around what YOU want to focus on changing in your life!

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The course will be available for pre-sale in a few short weeks. Interested in securing your seat? All interviewees, are guaranteed a seat (and at a discounted rate!)

After the course...

Your feedback, questions and comments will be gratefully used to expand the course for the best manifestation learning experience possible.

What would you like to bring into your life?

Loren Lahav - Badass and Beautiful

Badass & Beautiful

Bring your questions, challenges, and an open mind… and be prepared to have everything you think you know about manifesting, turned upside down! You’ll walk away with a sense of liberation and the promise of an enlightened future you can start creating today.

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