Loren Lahav is a dynamic trendshaper who is unwavering in her resolve to Stay True to how she chooses to live her life and leave her imprint on others.  By daring to look herself in the eye, call herself out if necessary and make course corrections, she is one of the few who actually fulfills dreams for herself and for others.  She doesn’t just reach for them… she goes after them with unflappable determination!  She calls it GOYA.  Translation:  Get Off Your Ass!

Needless to say, she is consistently switched on, especially when it comes to delivering her message to others from the front of the room, no matter the size of the audience.  Classy, brassy and poised, Loren has shared the stage with notable and celebrated luminaries such as Barbara Walters, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mike Rowe, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Erin Brockovich, Campbell Brown, Robert Herjavec, Bear Grylls and Jean Chatsky.  

Loren’s leadership and business triumphs are a testament to her obsession with creating value.  She has built explosive teams in 25 countries.  She is a real estate investor and property owner throughout the United States.  Her ability to lead teams and her business savvy have brought her to deliver her message to companies such as LIFEAID, Zappo’s, Lululemon, Four Seasons Hotels, Success Resources, Tony Robbins Companies, NMP and Hilton Grand Vacations.

Loren has been a keynote speaker for such signature events as:  National Achievers Congress, The Power  of Women, Most Powerful Women, Amazing Women’s Day and Go Pro Recruiting Mastery.  She has also facilitated 175 Life Mastery Events, a 5-day intensive, for the Tony Robbins Companies.

Loren has also been featured in multiple publications and talk shows, including:  Success Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Women’s Day, Luxury Las Vegas, Fox News “The Strategy Room,” Oprah Radio, Voice America, Unapologetically Authentic, many a.m. talk shows and dozens of podcasts.

She also produces her own signature events:  Badass and Beautiful, Unapologetically Authentic, True Health Cleanse which take people through processes of transformation in multiple areas of their lives.

Best Day of My Life Again

Loren is the author of three books, sharing her wisdom to help people heal, get inspired and live their best life:  The Greatest Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom, Drama-Free Divorce Detox, and Life Tuneups, which was featured in People Magazine as one of the “Top 3 Books of 2010.”  She also co-authored Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive.  Soon to be released is The Courage to Raise a Gentleman.  Her books have been distributed worldwide and have been translated into three languages. 

Among her creations that inspire is a series of “I Am” affirmation cards.  The power of the words, “I AM” are subtly powerful.  These decks give you a daily affirmation that you can use to transform your mindset and your life, one belief at a time. 

Loren’s philanthropic endeavors have led to feeding over 5,000 people all over the world by creating a movement that delivers Blessing Backpacks to those in need.  She also helped fit over 5,000 hearing aids in Vietnam so people could experience the miracle of hearing for the first time in their lives.  Loren has also served on the Board of St. Jude’s for the past seven years. 

Her message is compelling.  Her delivery is impactful.  Her heart is huge.  Loren Lahav redefines the meaning of living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Loren Lahav is the epitome of
badass and beautiful