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Have you been hit lately with the big “O” word – overwhelm? 

Are you ready for a break to get away from it all?

Stay True and Wake Up to the Magic of Your Own Life!

Hi, I’m Loren, but you can call me Lo (all my friends do!).

After working in the personal development world for over three decades, I’ve seen just about everything. And here’s what I’ve learned: NO ONE has a “perfect” life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the most Badass and Beautiful dream life. The difference: Getting real about who you are, what you want, and what you’re willing to do (and to let go of!) to get there.

Our world is great at drowning out our true voice. Cultural expectations, family roles, and ever-changing standards of who and what we’re supposed to be… it’s easy to lose our way.

And that’s why women come to me. I’ll remind you of who you’ve always been and how much you already are. You can expect hugs, laughs, tears, and maybe a kick in the butt or two — all in service of helping you strip and chip away at the junk that’s accumulated (sometimes over decades) so you can rediscover the miracle of YOU. Through my coaching, events, podcast, blog, products & more, I’ll show you how you CAN have it all. Let’s bring you back to YOU.

— Lo 

- Loren Lahav

Watch Loren's Process

Join Loren and her guests as they Get Real about self belief, failures, relationships, money, procrastination, following your intuition, giving back and more.

Find out why thousands of people have turned to Loren’s seminars, coaching and books and have gotten Real Results in their lives. Her commitment is to help you Get Real and Stay True.


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