Loren Lahav

You DO You

Tired of Playing Small?

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” – Wayne Dyer

The Intensive: Over 4 immersive days, surrounded by caring, loving & driven women, as you

… & ultimately Own Your Worth

Next Events:  18 – 21 October 2024, Las Vegas


In 4 Immersive Days We'll Teach You Our Methods + Systems

Own your Truth

This is the Defining Moment – What you have to share with the world is important. Loren and Catie inspire and facilitate introspection for deeper clarity and ultimate liberation. Stand up and finally be heard.

Own your Voice

Driven by your passion – you think differently. Your truth is not going to come forward by chance. It will take a team. It will take discipline. It will take courage. Achieve your outcomes with encouragement and acceptance.

Own your Space

Striking the balance to achieve impact. Loren, Catie, and their team will prove invaluable to help you establish a profound and steadfast connection with every audience. This is about owning YOUR stage, whatever that might be.

Break the ICE is based on refined and classic techniques in the Power of Persuasion. Proven for communication success both on and off the stage – virtual and in real life. Whether you are on the stage, in the boardroom, or managing a small team, you will effectively present yourself with grace, integrity, and an unforgettable presence every time you enter the room. Integrating our many techniques and technologies with your own personal strengths in order to invest in and build you as your most valued brand – bringing continued returns to you in all areas of life for decades to come.

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Your voice wants to grow... you just need to learn how to nurture it!

What EXACTLY is an Intensive?

1. Captivate

3-Billion images daily, be “the one” people invest in every time. We offer tangible tools, formats, templates and systems.

2. Amplify

Weaving the Golden Thread between AI and Human Driven Branding while managing the scope of your Social Marketing to cast the broadest most Results Driven Returns on Investment.

3. Implement

“Sharpen the Saw:” Stephen Covey said it best – in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This Intensive Offers:

Accountability Support

We are all about the FINISH LINE. There is no “getting too busy to complete your goals” in this course. All attendees also get 2x individualized coaching sessions with both Loren and Catie to help you stay on track for continued success.

The Speaker Collective

Quarterly follow-up meetings and an online community with your Intensive Cohorts to brainstorm, share resources, and build solutions that continue to work for you in the Speaker Space. Participants will have the opportunity to take the stage as a member of a Luncheon Speaker Circuit.

Giving Back

Part of the opportunity offered in this Intensive is beyond what any other course offers. On the third day, attendees will be providing their new skills to empower real women and helping them to reintegrate back into the workplace after abuse.


Hosted in one of the Most Exclusive Private Communities in Las Vegas


Sun Up to Sun Down

Spend the day living, laughing and loving with a group of empowering women in an environment that wow’s… For us, the environment has to match the content to make the experience.

Grit and Resilience is the secret to success —on stage and off.

Your Speaker Intensive Guides, Loren Lahav & Catie Sullivan have creatively aligned with many of the worlds’ top speakers and coaches. Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Russell Brunson, Bob Proctor, and Marianne Williamson to name a few have all depended on Loren & Catie to deliver, serve and achieve outcomes. Motivated to help others own their voice with the same conviction — these two women have combined their knowledge to create a system for Women to be able to own their truth, own their voices and ultimately own their stage… whether that’s speaking in-front of an audience, in a sales pitch, driving forward their cause in a civic organization, or actually taking the stage.

"As someone that's known you for multiple decades... you're the real thing"

Tony Robbins

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18 – 21 October 2024, Las Vegas

This is YOUR opportunity to give back!

Participants in the Intensive Speaker Weekend spend a day sharing their knowledge and resources in a Human Empowerment program – supporting women and teens re-integrating into school and the workforce.


In Essence, your business, your family, and your life will be better because of it.

Your voice wants to grow... you just need to learn how to nurture it!

You WILL finish this event having...

  • Established Image
  • Confidence in Delivery ofAny Message: Anywhere, Anytime
  • Brainstormed and Cultivated Plan for Implementation
  • Empowered by the Tools from public speakers from Socrates to Tony Robbins
  • Cracked the code on Funnels, Social Media, and AI – with a solid brand
  • Community built on respect and professionalism for your craft
  • Accountability – leaders in the Speaker Intensive will continue to FINISH LINE their outcomes hitting pre-determined goals and meeting in one-on-one coaching sessions and quarterly group meetings
  • Become a member of the True Productions National Luncheon Speaker’s Circuit

  • Apply to become an Intensive Coach

  • Volunteer to Mentor or Guide Others to a Place of Empowerment

our alumni say...

I just went to the first Speaker Intensive Loren Lahav was hosting... Mind blown is all I can say!
Sue Brenchley


COMBINED: A century of experience in speaking, leading & influencing

Loren Lahav

Known as the Get Sh—Done Gal, is a whirlwind of action and resourcefulness. She takes ideas and transforms them into reality with lightning speed, earning her the reputation as the go-to gal for getting things done. For over three decades, she has dedicated herself to helping others and has become known as “The Source” for women worldwide. With a fearless approach, Loren fearlessly takes on challenges and leads through her impressive results and massive action.

As an accomplished talk show host, TV producer, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Loren embodies success in various fields. Her unique ability to identify and resolve challenges has brought lasting change to countless lives. 

Loren has spoken to audiences of tens of thousands and shared the stage with celebrated luminaries such as Barbara Walters and Tony Robbins, leaving a lasting impact with her compelling presence. Her ability to deliver impactful messages to audiences of all sizes, whether in person or virtually, has made her a sought-after speaker for signature events like the National Achievers Congress and Go Pro Recruiting Mastery.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Loren has played a significant role in the Tony Robbins Companies. She has facilitated over 175 Life Mastery Events, immersive five-day experiences that empower participants to achieve personal breakthroughs.

Loren’s business acumen and leadership have also led her to collaborate with companies like LIFEAID, Zappo’s, and Four Seasons Hotels, where she shares her insights and guides their success.

As an author, Loren has written books that have resonated with readers worldwide. Her works, including Life Tuneups and The Courage to Raise a Gentleman, have received critical acclaim and have been distributed globally. Loren’s wisdom has been featured in esteemed publications such as Success Magazine, reaching a wide audience with her transformative message.

One of Loren’s remarkable achievements is the event “Own Your Worth,” which attracted thousands of virtual attendees and live participants. This event embodies her commitment to empowering individuals and helping them recognize their inherent value.

Loren Lahav’s message is compelling, her impact is profound, and her heart is truly extraordinary.

Catie Sullivan

Catherine ‘Catie’ leads with her whole-heart, nurturing and noticing to empower speakers with words to discover and achieve hidden aspirations. Over 25 years serving leaders backstage. Crafting words, influencing, and guiding some of the worlds’ most respected leaders’ messages. Hybrid Creative Content Strategist // Brand Marketing and Public Relations Professional.

Catie is known as “Wonder-Pop” for her Wonder Woman meets Mary Poppins approach to manifesting, generating, and amplifying heart-centered, effective programs that change lives for the better (from seemingly thin air). Catie has launched and created products, events, and written books across the country in nearly every industry. 

Her bag of tricks includes everything from Serving on Tony Robbins’ Creative team on events and products to include: Date With Destiny, Robbins Maddanes, and Platinum Partners – among many “Special Projects.” Catie launched products for Sony Electronics as a member of the Brand Marketing Team at Burson–Marsteller, represented the Gemological Institute of America, and was Pruvit’s Launch-Team Creative Director. Currently, Catie Directs Strategic Communications for Nugent Jewelry. Catie is a co-author with Jill Marek on Loren Lahav’s sixth book, “Staying True: The Art of Living a Badass & Beautiful Life.”

Catie’s philanthropic involvement is as a TedX Speaker Coach. Catie is a mentor and coach for youth in local civic organizations. She coaches Basketball, leads Girls Scout Troops, and gives presentations on Time Management and Goal Achieving for Teens & Young Adults. A retired-former military wife, she spent 20 years serving on boards creating Leadership and Family Programs for the USMC Community.  Catie lead her two (advanced-honors) children for 11-years in the Homeschool of Intentional Possibilities and continues to consult and support Homeschool families in developing curriculum and programs. 

Currently, Catie is the Creative Director for Truth Seekers to air on Nov 18 at 0800 PDT.

Catie’s passion is helping others to align vision and mission to make magic moments and memories from dream boards. She is a self-professed content nerd who weaves the golden thread of a brand expertly across all platforms.  Catie’s personal book project is on Navigating Life Transitions. She is thrilled to be a Founding Member of True Productions’ Creative Agency. 

Check a city near you for upcoming Women’s Empowerment Luncheons.

“The thing that sets Catie apart from all other people is that she truly cares with her whole heart. She gives her all. Catie takes on a project – she won’t stop until your mission is achieved above and beyond – she is an example of MORE.”
Brian Underwood

“You are contribution focused. In Spiral Dynamics you operate in Green.”
Tony Robbins

“What is this that you do?! What do you call yourself? Creative?! Well, I’ve never had someone to work with me like this. if you ever want to work with me – give me a call!”
Russell Brunson

Danny Pettiona

An 80’s born Aussie, living in Gold Coast (in Queensland) with the loves of his life: wife, Zoe and daughter, Eden (5), Chihuahua, Gigi and Florence the cat.

Focused on making a difference in ‘his way’… by sharing the knowledge and strategies gained over his 20 year career in sales, management and owning (and building) his businesses. In his words…

“My focus is providing more value than anyone else in this space… I am wildly directed on dispelling so much of the ‘noise’ around about building a business (your voice is a business!). I know it’s my calling to help people grow in life and in business, but providing them clarity in a world full of distraction”.

“For me growing a business can be easy, if you follow a few major distinctions.

  1. Follow the proven, tried and tested strategies from the pioneers of business… not the latest #hack that get’s your attention through an online ad.
  2. Understand, embody and live your dream… but momentum is all about taking one step at a time. Less is More!
  3. Finally, ‘Just Do It’… at some point, it’s about getting your hands dirty and getting the work done.”


Your business wants to grow, it just needs to be fed”.

Like most of us, he finds it hard to ‘celebrate’ business wins (let alone talk about them), but here it goes:

  • Built (from nothing) 3 businesses in project management, construction and financial planning (all of which cracked 7 figures of profit!)
  • Massively passionate about proven, tried and tested business strategies… not #hacks
  • He’s done the ‘hard work’ on himself, graduating from many different personal development courses, including Tony Robbins Mastery University.

Currently, Danny is part of the Loren Lahav Team, he’s consulting under his company ‘ChatPlus’, building an App and is passionately involved in a health food company in Australia.

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.