Loren Lahav


Becoming the Author of Your Next Chapter

True Legacy Collective

You’ve Managed To Navigate Through The Largest Pandemic And Global Event That The World As We Know It Has Ever Experienced. And NOW You’re Ready To Take On Your NEXT CHAPTER!

If you’re tired of life happening TO you…
If you’ve lost sight of your true path and are ready to reclaim your future…
If you’re feeling alone in your efforts to recreate who you are and how you show up in the world…
If you’re ready to get real and get loud about the essence of YOU and what you’re on earth to do…

Welcome to the True Legacy Collective!

TLC IS NOT for dabblers, whiners, or those who are hooked on their old stories and want to stay that way.

This isn’t just another professional women’s retreat. TLC IS a transformational, collaborative journey and mastermind for 18 fabulous, intentional women. Our goal: To reclaim a professional and personal vision in the supportive (and challenging!) embrace of a deep sisterhood.

What You Will Experience

When you join the True Legacy Collective, you’ll enter a safe, empowering, and uplifting place to challenge beliefs and habits that have limited your view of who and what you are. You’ll establish genuine friendships and connections that will help you push your comfort zone while remaining balanced and grounded. You’ll also explore cutting-edge research and insights in the fields of human potential, productivity, goal-setting, and more.

Whatever your personal and professional goals, TLC will provide a foundation for your efforts to move forward.
To overturn obstacles.
To clarify your vision.
To chart a course to meaning and leadership.

Not only will you do deep inner work, you’ll anchor your discoveries with practical action, and new habits, rituals, and routines. You’ll also reinforce your learnings by helping others to create and refine their own path.

Being an integral part of a community of high-performing women who unite in purpose, stay true to their personal voice, and encourage each other in the process of transformation, will provide fulfillment and purpose you may never have experienced before!

Welcome to the True Legacy Collective.

Space is strictly limited.