3 Tips To Success - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

3 Tips To Success

There are times when we have all wished for a magic wand that we could use that would take us from idea to success but I have a question for you. Would you really want that? Isn’t part of the joy of success the journey that it takes to get there? Be it a personal… read more »

Multi-Faceted Women - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Multi-Faceted Women

As technology and work demands increase, we continue to explore more creative ways to make life easier. We are making it easier, yes, but does not necessarily mean more enjoyable and more fulfilling? Since 46% of the American workforce are women and mothers, we need a place where we can look at our lives and… read more »

Stay True - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Stay True

People are talking about STAY TRUE… and speaker Loren Slocum Lahav “Loren is a dynamic woman and mother. She is such an amazing young woman accomplishing so much. Consistently achieving her goals, Loren’s guidance has moved and inspired me to be the best I can be.” – Elizabeth Vargas “Loren is a coach who is… read more »

5 Ways to Inspire Others to Travel the Path of Their Dreams

We all have dreams. Some dreams are small and others large. When we reach one dream there is always another waiting in the wings to take its’ place. The thing about dreams is that we are usually a bit nervous to tell others what our desire is for fear that they will think we’ve lost… read more »

Are you growing old gracefully? - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Are you growing old gracefully?

No matter what we do, the fact of life is that we are all getting older. Even those who eat the healthiest diets, hydrate daily, and exercise as a way of life, will all see signs of aging. We get the occasional gray hairs, find a few new “laugh” lines, and have a more aches… read more »

Early Morning Wake-up Call

I was taking an early morning walk with my pup which is something I do regularly. Mornings are the best time to reflect, think about the day ahead, makes plans, and get in a bit of exercise in the process. Who knew that this short morning walk would teach me a life lesson? One of… read more »

It's Okay to Make Yourself the Priority - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

It’s Okay to Make Yourself the Priority

As the mom of a young man who recently went off to college and other kids still at home who are growing up faster than I care to admit, I know all too well the feelings that come with empty nest syndrome or preparing for empty nest syndrome. I have read so many articles, talked… read more »

Positive Affirmations: Become the Change You Desire - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Positive Affirmations: Become the Change You Desire

I am a firm believer in positive affirmations and I find that many people are still not sure exactly what they are or how to use them in their daily life. I will be doing several blog posts on this topic over the next few weeks. Let’s start out with the basic question: What exactly is an affirmation?

Staying Drama Free in a Drama Filled World - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Staying Drama Free in a Drama Filled World

It’s no secret that when our lives are filled with drama we struggle with pretty much everything. We tend to not manage time efficiently, our decision making skills suffer, and we begin to lack confidence and positivity.

Summer Smoothie Fun - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Summer Smoothie Fun

People know that I am very into health and wellness. Any time the topic comes up with other moms about a healthy diet for their family and making exercise part of their lifestyle, I get the same questions: “How do you get your family on-board? How do you get them to commit to an exercise program and to eat healthy when they would rather sit, watch TV, and eat junk food?”