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Feeling a little lost as we enter a New Year that is in fact, a New World? 
Things came to a halt last year,

We were faced with circumstances that were out of our control.

• From unemployment to stimulus.
• From sports to no sports.
• To some sports and no fans.
• From dropping our kids off at school or daycare to being with them 24/7 at home.
• From commuting to the office every day to waking up and your office is your home.
• From feeling powerful, energized and ready to take on the world to combatting emotions that often led us to sadness, loneliness, anxiety, fear and even despair for some.

"Now is your time to take back your life and thrive, not merely survive, in this new era of change and adaptation."

Well, it’s time to take control back

Take back ownership of the areas of your Life and Business that are waiting to be activated or shifted so that they serve vs. control you.

Say “ENOUGH!” … to not letting circumstances hijack YOU any longer.

Learn how to take these circumstances and your experience in the New World and in times past to create the Life of Your Dreams.
The Badass and Beautiful Life and Business Academy will take you there!
You see, I started preparing for times like this long before I/we knew we were going to have such dramatic shifts in our lives, down to the day-to-day activities, which ultimately ended up encompassing caring for our families at home and how we conduct our business.
• I used Zoom years before others to communicate with my teams worldwide.

• I used Social Media to quantum leap my business while people were still trying to navigate their way around Facebook.

• Many of the strategies I used for raising my kids are being adapted in today’s world, including how to be entrepreneurs at even a young age, and adapting to innovative learning strategies from living in other countries. I realized I could share much more than some traditional learning institutions.

• I built an international business without reliance on live gatherings or having to meet in person for day-to-day operations. I harnessed the power of networking to do this.

• I created the Badass and Beautiful brand and produced events years ago that taught you how to be Badass and still embrace the Beautiful essence with the Power of Femininity (although it also applies to all you guys out there as well).
Bottom line, I began to lay the foundation for what is needed today to THRIVE in this world of chaos and uncertainty, because it is exactly what I have done with my Life in the years leading up to COVID-19 and 2020… the year the world changed.

I want to share that with you in my newly launched Badass and Beautiful Life and Business Academy

Loren’s story, experience, and insight within these pages are a testament to the constant, never-ending quest to live a life of meaning, passion, joy and true authenticity. These attributes form the base of Loren’s life and her life’s work.

-Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach

Come back to a place of strength...

Imagine creating and filming a brand-new movie and you are the star! It’s time to thank and release the past and move on to an invigorated New You with a mission and a plan!

The Badass and Beautiful Life Academy

The first part is the Badass and Beautiful Life Academy…a four-day immersion of doing the personal and deep work to bring you back to a place of strength or become even stronger if you are already finding your path. Bring yourself back to center as you reimagine your new identity in a New World.

Day One: This is a Day of Discovery.

Identifying and blasting through any limiting beliefs and replacing them with strong, powerful ones that serve vs. debilitate you. Be prepared to go deep and be vulnerable. Transformation happens after you face your fears and embrace the gifts on the other side.

Day Two: This is Badass Bootcamp:

A Day Of Acknowledging The Badass
Already inside of you and activating and magnifying them. I’ll share how I live a Badass Life and learn from some everyday heroes on how YOU can be bolder, kick-as- confident. They’ll share strategies for safety and security in this new version of YOU!

Day Three: This is Beautiful Basics:
You will acknowledge, embrace and enhance the Beauty that is you at your core. You will identify your True North, create some Rituals that will support and magnify the Beautiful you, proclaim your True Voice and claim your crown!
Day Four: Create Your Life Plan: 
Now it’s time to integrate all that you learned and create a Plan for 2021 and your future beyond.

The Badass and Beautiful Business Academy

The second part is the Badass and Beautiful Business Academy… a three-day intensive where you’ll learn to set yourself up for success as we redefine what business and career looks like for you in 2021 and beyond. We could launch right into business, but as my friend Hutch would say, “You shouldn’t go clean up the community until you clean up your own back yard.” That’s why our Academy starts with YOU. We help you build a solid and unwavering foundation.

Day One: Where Are You Currently At In Your Business Or Career? What limiting Beliefs do you have about Money?
 You’ll do an assessment to identify where you are in your business or career and do some analysis to see where there may challenges, chokeholds and other factors preventing you from growth. We’ll take a look at where you’re at in the Life Cycle of your business. And we’ll take a deep look at what your Limiting Beliefs are when it comes to Money.
Day Two: What are the experts doing to adapt to these changing times?
Learn innovative strategies from a line-up of experts on Marketing, how to use Video technology for kick-as- meetings and conferences, how to produce a Virtual event, effective Social Media campaigns, start-up strategies and more! This day is about building the foundation for your current business or career by becoming aware of what tools, resources, technology and strategies are available to you. 
Day Three: What Is Your Future Vision For Your Business Or Career?  
Here we’ll explore the realm of possibility, whether it be a new endeavor or massive innovation with your current business or career.
Day Four: You’ll take what you learned about yourself and your business, identify what strategies from the experts will make a difference, and create a Plan that will be your vision for the future.
Day Four: You’ll Take What You Learned About Yourself And Your Business
Identify what strategies from the experts will make a difference, and create a Plan that will be your vision for the future.

Get ready for a future that is bright, illuminated and filled with promise and possibility!

I would be honored to be your guide and mentor as you embark on a journey that can be scary at times, filled with uncertainty and chaos. You don’t have to do it alone. I will be right there with you along with our faculty of experts as well as the new team that will be The Badass and Beautiful Community.

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