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Badass and Beautiful Cleanse and Retreat

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Have you been hit lately with the big “O” word – overwhelm?  Are you ready for a break to get away from it all?  Well, congratulations!  You are about to experience the Badass & Beautiful Cleanse and Retreat that is like no other …

This is your time to get your body out of the way so your spirit can flow through you.  A time to let go of the stresses of life and the busy-ness of your work and family.  A team of loving and experienced angels will be there to nurture and nourish you in so many ways so you can relax, rejuvenate and replenish.  Are you ready to focus on you?  We will guide you through a transformation that will bring you back into balance… your body, emotions, hormones, blood, cells and much more.  

You will also be building a strong foundation by learning simple techniques and practices as well as spend time in the kitchen preparing healthful meals.  We’ll provide a Badass & Beautiful Recipe Book so you can customize your personal plan and integrate what you learn when you get home.  

Imagine waking up after a blissful rest to a quenching glass of lemon water for a healthy dose of vitamin C and a potassium boost. A hint of fresh ginger will help ward off stress and provide a natural energy shot.  Your hydrated body is ready for some gentle movement to start your day with vitality and a sense of calm with a yoga experience.  Something to nourish your mind, soul and spirit.

Throughout the day, you’ll enjoy cold-pressed juices, luscious smoothies of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, soothing hearty soups and broths, appetizing salad bars with the freshest selection of greens and raw vegetables, and a broad selection of healthful meals that even include desserts with health benefits!  And that’s not all!… you’ll enjoy a unique spin on Happy Hour with tasty and nutritious snacks such as freshly mashed guacamole, fruit and veggie trays and superfood mocktails.

During the days, you’ll have an opportunity to have a blood analysis to pinpoint what is happening inside of you on a cellular level.  You can schedule moments of bliss with a massage therapist. There will be ways to detoxify your lymphatic system with rebounding and vibration.  Broaden your sphere with a variety of innovative modalities and therapies from a team of healers.

You’ll also have solitary moments to journal and capture your thoughts and dreams.  Or just rest if you choose this will serve you best during your days of self-care.

Evenings include powerful sessions of sound bowl healing.  Or rituals around a crackling outdoor fire.  There may be an evening of sharing stories, visions and giggles while relaxing in comfy loungewear.  

But that’s not all!  We want to keep a few surprises in the vault until it’s your magical time.  You can look forward to special guests and activities and innovative technologies such as Biohacks, Foundations of Health, Hormone Health and more!  

This crafted journey will lay a solid foundation for the physical, mental and emotional release – your personal breakthrough – that will be part of your “eve”-olution during the Badass and Beautiful Cleanse and Retreat.  You’ll leave with your customized PLAN and a reimagined YOU!