‘I AM’ Cards Women’s & Kids – Special Bundle

The Best Day of My Life. . .Again ‘I AM’ cards for Women and Kids is the perfect bundle to make every morning a special, inspirational and motivational moment for you to share with your girls. This bundle includes the ‘I Am’ cards for Adults 52 card deck, and the ‘I Am’ cards for Kids 30 card deck. The words attached to “I AM” become who you are!


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 ‘I AM’ cards for Adults – In this inspiring 52 card deck, Loren is committed to reminding you to Own YOUR greatness.  Having powerful daily rituals are one of the most important step to creating consistent momentum in your life.  What you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body. Fuel your vision!

‘I AM’ cards for KidsThis deck of 30 cards was designed by a kid, with her Mom! Having powerful rituals to start your day is one of the keys to create the foundation of your life. Kids are never too young to learn empowering habits that will support them in having a great life.  Use these cards to teach kids to be their happiest, most confident and compassionate selves.  Great birthday gifts, holiday treats, reward for good grades or filling commitments, etc.  Share them with as many kids and parents as you can so they can feel fabulous as well!


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