Loren Lahav

Speaker Intensive: Nov 16, 17 & 18

3-Day Speaker Intensive with Loren, Catie & True Productions Nov 16, 17, 18

6-Weeks One-On-One Coaching with Loren & Catie

Outcomes are dreams and goals with dates. 

You want to be on the stage in 2024? The work to make that happen will be through the “holiday season” and into the first months of the New Year.

Loren & Catie will bring the Accountability that supports you in these crucial 6-weeks following this event. Combined they have nearly a century of on-and-off stage success. Most people complete only 90% of their “big goals.” Be a part of the 60% of people who achieve 100% of their goals. 


Brand Strategy Sessions

Finish Line! After investing 3-days into finding your True Voice – Now is the time to COMMIT fully to the STRATEGY of making this dream a reality. Your BRAND is your number one asset. Continue to check in following the event to ensure your Golden Thread is woven tightly within your message and earning you the ROI needed to take yourself to the next level. 

Book Outline & Proposal Draft

Add credibility to your message, take the page to the stage — write that book you’ve always intended.

With this program, you will receive individualized sessions to craft a winning book outline and pitch. Self-published? This outline and pitch will help market your passion project and bring those thoughts into print once and for all — bringing you credibility as you schedule speaking engagements and online courses.