“I met Loren at The Foundation Room in the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with some friends in 2012 around midnight after a magic show. Little did I know the impact that she would have on my life and so many others as a result of this chance encounter. Loren happened to be reading my book Beach Money at the exact time of our meeting! We were meant to meet. Loren is a dynamic, charismatic and heart centered human being. She pours herself into others like no other. She moves people to action and is the ultimate connector. You need to know Loren.”

Jordan Adler
Author of the Amazon Best Seller, Beach Money, Network Marketing Millionaire


I got tuneups in the mail yesterday. I am half way through and really loving it. I am amazed at how much content and value is in here. In terms of growth, there are about 3 books in here.

I had an ah ha moment reading this book. After my mom’s death a year ago I have been in an incredible depression and just sort of purposeless in a way. Sort of lost without that role in my life. Before mom’s passing I would have described myself as living in Rediscovery and Stay Connected space in my life. Kind of in between those points. Because of what I was reading yesterday, I can put a label to that sort of lost feeling. It’s like now that I am no longer a care giver and daughter I am somewhat needing to redefine and go back to readdress “discovery” and “stay true”. I mean I think I have been doing this probably every 5 years or so as a woman just so see if the same things make me tick and so on. But it did not occur to me that after a big life change I needed to go back to the beginning and just say, “Do these same things still hold up?” Well no wonder…what used to make me tick in a big way was the joy of having a loving relationship with my mom. Now that it is gone in a physicial sense – it is no wonder I have felt such loss.

I just wanted to say thanks, Loren. Giving a structure to healing yourself and labeling it – I think helps you build a road back to recovery. What a sweet gift you gave me after all these years That is just kind of an unexpected treasure. Love it when that happens. Take care.


Loren Lahav is one of my favorite people and has been a game changer in my life. Her generous spirit, her brilliant mind, her ability to get things done, relate to anyone and her ability to connect people at a very high level. I have met some incredible entrepreneurs and global influencers through her. She always knows the right person to connect with. I’ve had the privilege to work with Loren both front stage and back stage. Witnessing her move an audience of 9,000 people through her story telling and authentic “stay true” approach is fascinating to watch. In fact, I put her in the top 5 speakers I’ve ever seen. Loren is someone who simply gets it. From working with successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs to serving impoverished people around the world, she is a true servant leader and difference maker. An incredible mother, executive, speaker, author, creator and friend. I’m glad I have her in my inner circle.

Kevin Donahue

Loren Lahav is a very rare human being! The measure of a leader is always how the people around them are doing from their guidance. By this measure alone, Loren is a giant of leadership and achievement. She personally altered the trajectory of my life. A life that I was unsure of and just putting back together. She saw something in me as she does many others and pushed me with her one of a kind way, into my destiny. Because of her belief in me, the work I now do is a resonance of her power. I fully and unequivocally support this woman and highly recommend her for whatever path you may be choosing. She can and will show you your blind spot and will never allow you to play small. I love you Loren.

Jason Sisneros aka “The Bald Avenger”
A forever Fan

“Loren’s story, experience, and insight within these pages are a testament to the constant, never-ending quest to live a life of meaning, passion, joy and true authenticity. These attributes form the base of Loren’s life and her life’s work.

Tony Robbins
Peak Performance Coach

“With a style all her own and a willingness to do whatever it takes to pave the way for anybody who wishes to have more join their lives, Loren will steal your heart and spark your imagination about what is truly possible.”

Joseph McClendon III
Speaker and Author

“I was expecting Loren to hit it out of the park when we had her come to speak at our company retreat but I was dead wrong…she hit a Grand Slam! Her presentation was both engaging and empowering and had a huge impact on our teams’ trajectory. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Aaron Hinde
President / Founder, LIFEAID Beverage Co.

“I wanted to send a personal thank you note to you and your team for all the support and love you all provided to me. I would like to specifically thank you for your understanding and your experience in dealing brilliantly and lovingly with my own special adventurous experience going through the event – you are a true ROLE MODEL and a phenomenal coach, speaker, and trainer.

Vallal Jothilingam

“Thank you again for teaching me so much this week. You are the smartest gal I have EVER met! I am in awe at how much you know. You have inspired me to get back into educating myself.”

Tracy Matteo

“A deep and special thanks to you for being in the power of your gift and sharing on such an enormous scale. I bow to your skill and know that we were in the presence of a Master.”

Susan Chan

“I just wanted to send you a note and say thank you for the week I spent at Life Mastery. What you did will have a lasting impact on my life. Keep doing it as you have a special gift with people.”

Steve Zamarripa

“Never underestimate whose life you are going to change! Thanks to your inspiration this past weekend, I returned home empowered by your influence and found myself glowing with unconditional love, courage, passion, and focus. Before this weekend, my dream life was becoming my nightmare but you helped me break out of my fears and strive to be the change I want to see in the world…and it worked!!!!!!”

Sarah Grimm

“You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Thank you for giving yourself so freely and connecting in such a personal way. You gave us the support we needed to move forward. You have touched our family in a way you may never totally know, I am grateful and give thanks for your presence in our lives.”

Cyndi Sladics