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3 Tips To Success

There are times when we have all wished for a magic wand that we could use that would take us from idea to success but I have a question for you. Would you really want that? Isn’t part of the joy of success the journey that it takes to get there? Be it a personal challenge you are working on or a big business idea, the lessons, the growth and the sense of crossing the finish line a real part of the process that fills us with pride.

Here are 3 tips that will help you reach your goal:

1). Don’t skip Step 2.

What is Step 2 you ask? It is creating the plan…
Many people go from Step 1 (having an idea) straight to Step 3 (taking action):

If you begin to take action without a plan you are sure to hit roadblock after roadblock. While many of us are not the sit down and plan type of people,it is a critical step. What if you decided to make a homemade quilt? You have the idea of the quilt and then immediately begin to cut fabric and stitch it together. Step 2 is critical. You need to choose the proper fabrics, select your complimentary colors, choose your pattern, pre-cut your material and only then can you begin to stitch away. Just remember that planning is action so don’t feel like you are wasting time in the planning stages. Embrace it. It is part of the journey.

2). This is not a solo mission.

You have no idea how often I hear people say I hate to ask for help, or͞ I don’t want to bother anyone or I’m independent and don’t need help and here is what I have to say about that. Let’s take you out of the equation for just a moment and focus on your loved ones. How do you think your family and friends feel when you do not include them in something that is important to you? How do you think they feel when they see you working so hard, struggling, frustrated and tired and they have no idea how they can help you? How do you think they feel when they see you having fun at what you’re doing and you don’t invite them to join? Don’t make this journey a solo mission. Include those around you. It will make achieving the final goal so much sweeter.

3). Remove “FAIL” from your vocabulary.

As soon as you remove the idea of failing from your mindset you will be so much better off. I am not saying that everything you do will be successful in the first try. In fact, I can almost guarantee that it will not. However, each attempt teaches us something. Each attempt shows us ways that will not work and therefore helps us with a process of elimination. Imagine you are entering a maze and there is only one way out and dozens of dead-ends. You are pretty sure that you know how to get to the exit but instead you hit a dead end. Are you going to sit down and say͞ I failed or are you going to turn around and try another path? It is the same in life. If you try something and it doesn’t work then try something else. Eventually you will hit the right path and will be well on your way to success.

I wish you success after success in your life but mostly I wish you joy, peace and happiness as you travel each step of the journey that will take you closer to your goal.

Stay True,
Loren Lahav