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6 Ways to Add Adventure to Your Everyday Life

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was have fun?

No matter what you enjoyed doing, whether it was climbing trees, making jewelry or playing dress up, you never had to think about it or “make time” to do it. If you weren’t at school or doing chores, you were off playing. Your life was about fun—and you never had to remind yourself to have a good time.

As adults, sometimes we get so swept away by our responsibilities that we need to remind ourselves to let our hair down, loosen up, laugh and have fun.

So today I want to give you 6 ways to add adventure to your everyday life, so you feel happier and more inspired on a regular basis. These ideas don’t take a lot of time or money—just a positive attitude and your badass self!

1. Declare a personal holiday.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Once a month, I block off a day in my calendar where I’m unavailable for meetings. Why? Because it’s “Luxury Loren Day!” 🙂

Yep, this is my own personal holiday where I get a massage, get a mani pedi, get my hair done—whatever I feel like doing. I may go shopping for an hour or treat myself to something sweet. It doesn’t matter what I decide to do on Luxury Loren Day—all that matters is that I enjoy it!

I’d encourage you to do the same. Put at least one personal holiday on your calendar RIGHT NOW. Look forward to it just like you do any other holiday, and when the day comes, do whatever you want—guilt free. This is your day. You deserve it, so schedule it now!

2. Create a theme day.

My daughter Asher and I are doing this right now to make the most out of her Spring Break. We had “Sweet Treat Sunday,” where we baked yummy goodies, “Diva Day,” where we got our nails done, got mini facials and yes, acted like true divas all day ;), and today we’re headed to Knott’s Berry Farm for “Theme Park Thursday.”

You can create your own theme days to make your week a lot more fun. You can do a whole week with your kids like I’m doing, or you can get together with your girlfriends for “Karaoke Thursday,” “Facial Friday,” or “Cupcake Saturday,” where you hunt for the best cupcake in your city. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly!

3. Change up your routine.

Have you ever zoned out so much while driving to work or to your kid’s school that when you got to your destination you thought, “How did I get here?” We often get so used to our routines that we go on autopilot. We check out and our brains and our bodies completely take over.

When we do the same things day in, day out, it’s easy to go on autopilot. The best way to do get out of this rut is to do things differently. Drive a different way to work and take note of all the new landmarks you see along the way. Eat something for lunch that you’ve never had before. Go to a new yoga or kickboxing class in the evening instead of your usual routine (arrange for someone to watch your kids if necessary).

Do whatever you can to break up your routine. Not only will this make your days more enjoyable, but new people, ideas and opportunities will be more likely to come to you.

4. Learn something new.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever before to learn something new (and many times it’s free).

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn? Hip hop dance? Sign language? Guitar? YouTube is full of free tutorials on all subjects—you can literally learn anything. There’s also massive open online courses, free courses on tons of subjects available. If you have the internet and a half hour, you can expand your mind and get excited about a new hobby.

5. Make a new friend.

Kids make friends so easily. All it takes is one common interest, whether it’s playing on the swings on recess or collecting My Little Ponies.

As adults, we sometimes get consumed by our schedules and unintentionally close ourselves off from making new friends. But making a new friend is one of the most fun and energizing things you can do. New people help you learn more about the world and expose you to new perspectives. And who couldn’t use a new friend to gab and laugh with?

Get to know another parent at your kid’s school, join a club, volunteer at a new organization, go to a Meetup or chat up a stranger at Starbucks. There’s tons of ways to meet new people. If it feels scary to you, just remember how nice it feels when someone takes an interest in you. Just talking to someone about what they’re interested in is an easy way to get a new friendship started.

6. Become a tourist in your own city.

You know when a friend comes to visit you, and you take them to all the must-see destinations in your city? The best restaurants, theaters, museums, historical landmarks, parks, scenic overlooks—you name it. Why not take a Saturday afternoon and do these things yourself? Even better, pretend that you’re on vacation while you do it!

If you live in a small town without much to do, is there a vineyard, beach, lake, amusement park, historical attraction or nature trail a few hours away? Hop in the car with your kids, your partner or your friends and make it a fun day trip. Just getting out of the house and into the vacation mindset for a few hours will help you feel a little less stressed and a lot more relaxed.

Now it’s over to you: Which of these ideas are you going to do or schedule TODAY? Do you have a fun idea of your own? Share it below! Let’s make this week/month/year an adventure we’ll always remember!


Loren Lahav