Loren Lahav

Are We Raising Future Haters of Exercise & Unhealthy Eaters?

As a society, now more than ever, we are super aware of everything health & wellness related. We have more knowledge about proper nutrition, we belong to the gym and we put our kids in soccer, karate, ballet, and other activities to help keep them fit. We read about ways to avoid geriatric illness and disease such as dementia and Alzheimer. So, having said that, why do you think the title of this post is Are We Raising Future Haters of Exercise & Unhealthy Eaters?

Because: Actions speak louder than words.

We may talk a good talk but are we walking a good walk. Do your kids here you say, “I know I should go run but I’m beat. I will go tomorrow” or “I bet the gym is crowded, maybe I will just skip today.” When it comes to eating do you find yourself telling them, “Let’s just run through the drive-thru since we’re in a hurry” or “It’s so late, who wants pizza?”

But what I’m talking about is more than just your health and wellness. It’s about the message we are sending to our kids. It is about letting your kids see that you respect yourself to take care of yourself. Showing them that you want to live a long and healthy life. Do they see that being active and healthy is important to you because you make yourself a priority? Just like your kids learned to talk by mimicking you or learned to brush their teeth by watching you, they will also learn self-respect, confidence, positive thinking and good attitude by following your lead.

I’m not saying that there won’t be days when you just don’t feel like working out or that pizza is the best dinner option. There will be. So make the best of them. Don’t feel like hitting the gym? See if your kids want to ride their bikes around the neighborhood while you walk along. Put on some music, blast it, and have a 20 minute dance party in the living room. Pizza? Yum! So go for it. Just make wise choices. Maybe get all veggie toppings. Order a small so everyone gets one slice then add a large salad to share.
It’s not about being a dud. It’s about making smart choices and being a good example in both what you say and what you do. It’s about showing your family, friends, colleagues, and the world that you love and respect yourself on every level.

~xoxo Loren