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Being Present in the Moment - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Being Present in the Moment

Remember when you were a young child growing up… you loved the hugs and kisses of sympathy when you skinned your knee or your best friend said something that hurt your feelings. BUT, you wanted to be grown up and be done with the trials and tribulations of childhood and reach the adolescent years. You were happy when the time came, but you were also faced with the challenges of youth: a complexion plagued with blemishes, being bullied for no apparent reason, excessive growth into lean and lankiness, or maybe just not burning the calories fast enough. Does that cute boy even know you exist? Will you be asked to the prom? Will you be accepted to your University of choice?

Then you hit 21 and were faced with adulthood and responsibility. As you reached each milestone in your life, you never seemed to embrace your current stage of life and were always hoping for something better. Something that you were certain would come at a particular point or age in your life cycle. But it seemed that those hopes were elusive as the years went by.

By the time many people hit their 50’s, 60’s or later, they beat themselves up with regret for not cherishing each and every year and stage in their life. People who they were close to are no longer around. Dreams that they once had were never realized. It hits them that they will be one of the casualties in the richest place on the planet

– the graveyard… with all the many souls who passed away and buried their dreams along with their physical bodies.

Wherever you happen to be in your stage of life, it’s not too late to shift your mindset to one of gratitude, fulfilment and taking a moment to create a moment.

  • It could be taking the time to look a stranger in the eye and acknowledging them.
  • It could be making a decision to pamper yourself and celebrate the life that you have conceived, developed and designed. 
  • Perhaps you commit to turning off the tech each night and giving undivided attention to your partner, your children, or a close friend.
  • You could slate an hour a day to work on a passion project or fulfilling a dream.

Most important, take the time to say “I Love You,” to the people who are important to you or even a stranger. Love always wins. Each moment is precious and you never know what turn life will take. The biggest regret is finding yourself in a position where you lose someone in your life, and not having taken the time to tell them you love them. Not taking a moment to create a special moment for them.

Isn’t it time for you to be aware of how you are showing up in your life? Are you embracing each day with gratitude? Are you maximizing each minute, each hour, each day and living life to the fullest? Are you settling on the sidelines or stepping up and leading a movement that will transform lives all over the world? Isn’t it time to unabashedly take a stand for what you believe in and experience every opportunity that comes your way that serves you and others?

Today is a gift. It comes in all kinds of different wrappings and trappings. Start with untying the bow and with such excitement, unwrap each inch of the present. The present is your day. With the surprise and awe of a child, savour each moment as every inch of your day unfolds.

~xoxo Loren

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