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How to Really Get Sh*t Done - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

How to Really Get Sh*t Done

So, you’ve got a brilliant new idea.

You’re going to launch a lifestyle website with daily tips, weekly interviews and a store with your own apparel.

Or maybe your idea is the next big gig sharing app or an Airbnb for dogs.

Whatever that idea is … what is the first step you take?

Do you get straight down to work?

For many of us, the first thing we do is we TALK about it. We tell our partner, our friends, our book club.

And while there’s nothing wrong with sharing your excitement, if you’re not careful, you can easily fall into a trap.

You see, when you talk about your idea, sometimes it starts to feel like you already did it!

Your friend will congratulate you on your awesome idea, and you’ll already start to feel the payoff of it … even though you never even got started!

Psychologists have actually studied this phenomenon. Important goals like pursuing a new business idea are what they call an “identity goal,” which means they influence who you believe you are.

When you announce your new identity goal in public, your friends will already start to think of you as that lifestyle website guru. And since you already feel like you achieved that identity goal, you won’t work as hard to make it happen.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve been talking about the same idea for ages and you still have yet to do it, it’s time to STOP TALKING about it and get off your ass and DO IT!

Are you with me?

If you’re ready to get serious about getting sh*t done, read on for my 5 best tips for making it happen:

1. Get Motivated.

Remember that spark you felt when you had your brilliant idea? It’s time to rekindle that spark and use it as fuel to get it done!

Think about why you want to achieve your goal. What is the big picture?

Is it so you can quit your job and spend more time with your kids?

Is it because you want to express yourself creatively and make a difference?

Or maybe it’s because this idea has just not gone away and you’re tired of doubting yourself and you want to really prove to yourself what you’re made of.

Whatever that reason is, remind yourself of it every day. Write it down on a Post-it Note and hang it up on your bathroom mirror. Tell it to yourself every morning.

And whatever you do, don’t blab about your idea to everyone on Facebook and in your office. You need to keep that motivation alive.

If you feel tempted to talk about it, just think about how awesome it will be to get it done and THEN tell everyone about it!

2. Schedule it.

This is where things get really real. You must decide WHEN you are going to work on your project and put it on the calendar! Otherwise, it will never get done. You’ll keep saying “Someday” … until you run out of somedays!

Put dates and times on your calendar and follow through. You may want to come up with a regular schedule.

For example, maybe you want to work on your project every weekday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Sound crazy? That’s what people who are serious about their goals do!

Or maybe you want to work on it in the evening, from 8:00 – 9:00 every night.

Or 4-6 hours every weekend.

Just try to pick a time with no distractions that you believe you can commit to.

And then whatever you decide, put it on the calendar and DO IT!

It’s super important to follow through on what you put on your calendar.

When you schedule it, think of it as being in stone.

Do not constantly reschedule or ignore your alarms! Do you really want to be the person who puts off her dream?!

3. Use your resources.

We’re living in a great time with so many resources at our disposal.

No matter what your dream is, chances are, someone has done something close to it. Do a little research. What did they do? What mistakes did they make that you can learn from? What advice do they have to give?

There’s so much great information out there in books, blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, Reddit, private forums, you name it. Take advantage of all the resources out there to help you get your project done.

4. Find a mentor or join a mastermind.

This is the one time where it can help you to talk about your goals. When you share a big goal with a mentor or with a mastermind group, they will help you stay motivated to cross the finish line.

If they are truly committed to helping you succeed, they won’t let you just keep talking about it! They will expect to see some results.

Ask someone you trust and admire to be your mentor and help you through this process or find a mastermind of people with similar goals. As you work on your project, they’ll be there to encourage you and help you along the way. You don’t have to do this all on your own!

5. Focus and GET IT DONE. Don’t stop until you finish!

You can get motivated, schedule it, use resources and find a mentor, but until you get off your ass and get busy, it’s all for naught.

Be consistent. Stick to your calendar. If you find that you consistently get distracted during the time you schedule, pick a time that works better for you.

If you have trouble staying focused for hours at a time, work in half-hour chunks.

Find a system that works and then STICK TO IT!

On days when you don’t feel like doing anything, remind yourself of why you want to achieve your goal, listen to a motivating podcast or call up your mentor.

Do you want to LIVE your dream…or just TALK about it?

I know you don’t want to settle for just talking about it!

Please let me know how these tips work for you. How will you work them into your life?

What other tips and tools help you to really get shi*t done?

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”

– Michael Jordan

Now GOYA and make it happen! I can’t wait to hear all about it!