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How to Speed Up Your Results—by Slowing Down

You know that feeling when you go on vacation—and time stops? And all the things that normally stress you out at home just … fade away?

I experienced that sense of calm recently while in Fiji. I’ve been doing work in Fiji for years, but every time I go back I find myself slowing down and appreciating everything.

There’s just something about the way Fijians live that rubs off on me while I’m there. And through all this slowing down, I end up feeling my most energized and inspired.

So often in life and in business we just charge full speed ahead. Our “to do” lists are neverending, we sacrifice sleep to get more done and instead of feeling accomplished, we feel like we’re not enough.

It’s times like these when we need to slow down so we can speed back up again.

So what I’d like to do today is give you 8 ways—inspired by Fiji—that you can slow down in your life so you feel rejuvenated and joyful again.

After implementing these tips, you may find that you get MORE done—with less effort.

1. Appreciate everything—big and small.

Fijians are so grateful for everything, and I find myself appreciating more while I’m there, even the little things.

For example, the hotel I stay at always leaves something new on my pillow every day, and I get excited to return to my room just to see what’s waiting for me. Recently it was the words “BE BLESSED” arranged in flowers. It was a small gesture but made me feel … well … blessed!

I’ve adopted this ritual into my own life with my kids. My son Quinn recently came home after being away for a month, so I left him a few of his favorite things on his bed. Sometimes I leave them notes to remind them of how important they are to me.

Appreciating everything—a sunny day, your favorite necklace, your kids—will bring calm and joy into your life.

2. Simplify.

For Fijians, life is simple. Above all, they value God, community and family. Those are their non-negotiables. It’s not an option for them to not spend time with their kids. It’s what they do.

When your life starts to feel hectic, remind yourself of your values. What are YOUR non-negotiables? Your family? Your circle of friends? Your health? A lot of peace can be found in simplifying your life and only focusing on what matters most.

3. Lend a hand.

In Fiji, they are all about community. Parents don’t have the same stress over childcare that we do in the U.S., because they know that their neighbors will help out. It’s just what they do. Everyone in the village comes together to help each other.

If you take a moment out of your day to help someone else, whether it’s a friend, colleague or neighbor, you may not only make a difference in someone’s life, but you’ll feel great too. Helping others lifts us up, fills us with a sense of purpose and gives us a new perspective on our lives. You may find that your “to do” list no longer feels so stressful—or important.

4. Meditate.

If you’re new to meditation, it can feel weird and intimidating. But it’s really simple. All it is sitting or lying down in a quiet, comfortable place and breathing. That’s it. And that’s really the magic of it. By slowing down completely and no longer thinking about what’s going on in your life, you’re able to let go of stress and pain.

My husband was reluctant to meditate, let me tell you. But when he was having trouble sleeping, I suggested that he try the Headspace App. And you know what? Within 4 minutes, he was asleep! He’s a meditation convert now! My daughter Asher and I also love to meditate together using Headspace.

Whether you meditate using an app or just sit down in silence, you won’t find a better way to slow down, relieve stress and renew your energy.

5. Take a bath.

This is a big one for me. Every night I take a bath, and before I get in, I light 5 candles: one for each of my kids, a double-wick candle that represents my husband and me and one candle just for me. This is how I unwind, relax and feel grateful for all the love in my life.

This doesn’t need to be a nightly ritual for you, but if you are having a day where you feel stressed and hurried, slow down and take a bath. Light candles, use aromatherapy oils or just keep it simple. However you do it—you’ll feel amazing afterwards.

6. Go for a walk.

Like anyone with dogs, I go for lots of walks, and it’s a great way to slow down—especially if you leave your phone at home. While I love music and podcasts, just being alone outside with no distractions makes time stop. It frees up your mind to wander—and we could all use a little more time to daydream and get lost in our thoughts.

7. Journal.

Everyone needs an outlet, and journaling is my favorite way to release what’s on my mind. Just recently I was having trouble sleeping, so I pulled out my journal in the middle of the night and wrote and wrote. Afterwards, I felt free from my worries and fell asleep with no problem.

You don’t have to be a daily journaler—I’m definitely not. But just having that journal there when you need it can help tremendously. It’s a great way to unload thoughts that are no longer serving you—or to capture what you’re grateful and happy for in your life.

8. Play.

As adults, we often forget how freeing and fun it can be to just let go and play. I make Dream Boards all the time, and for me, it helps me lighten up and feel playful again.

For you, playing might be getting your friends together to sip wine, paint and color—they have coloring books for adults, you know! 🙂 Or maybe you enjoy playing tennis or board games. Whatever you do, just let yourself have fun and let loose!

What is YOUR favorite way to slow down? How does it help you in your life, business or relationships? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Remember to StayTrue!

— Loren Lahav
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