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How to Stick to Your Goals While Traveling - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

How to Stick to Your Goals While Traveling

When traveling, there’s always the temptation to throw our goals out the window.

There’s too much to see to waste time in the gym, the local cuisine is too delicious to resist and we’re too distracted by a new environment to get any work done.

But sticking to your goals while traveling doesn’t have to take a lot of time or feel like a sacrifice. It just takes a little planning and a little discipline.

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, here are 5 tips to help you stick to your goals so you have a healthy, happy and productive trip:

1. Make it easy to stick to your daily rituals.

Daily rituals are a must. They keep your energy up, keep you focused on your goals and make you feel good. They can also bring you comfort when traveling in a foreign country or an unfamiliar place.

No matter where I am in the world, I use my rituals as a way to stay grounded, centered and focused on what matters to me. Even if I’m just going to be spending the day doing fun things with my kids, I want to get myself into the most positive, happy and fun place possible, and rituals do just that.

To stick to your rituals while traveling, make it easy by bringing everything you need from home. I bring my “I am” cards with me everywhere, so I can do my “I am” affirmations easily every morning.

I also have travel-sized Dream Boards, so I can remind myself of what I’m trying to achieve and who I want to become, even on the road. If you don’t want to make travel-sized Dream Boards, take a picture of your board and have it readily available on your phone so you can look at it whenever you’re away from home.

You can even add pictures and words to your phone case or water bottle, so you are reminded throughout the day to stick to your vision!

Rituals can be done at any time of day, but I find morning rituals easier to stick to, especially when traveling. We’re less likely to get distracted in the morning, and we also have more willpower in the morning than at the end of the day.

Whatever your ritual is, whether it’s meditation, yoga, journaling, affirmations or something else, you may find it easier to stick to it if you do it in the morning. You’ll also have the added benefit of starting your day from a positive place.

2. Take advantage of travel time.

Spending time in a car or on a plane can either be a big waste of time or an opportunity to think about what you want to achieve and dig deeper into your mission. While others are sleeping or bingeing TV shows, take advantage of the time to get to work on your passion project or brainstorm new ideas.  

If you’re crossing time zones, get on local time right away. If you land during the day, resist the urge to take a nap. Go out in the sunlight or do something active if you feel sleepy. This can also be a great time to get some extra work done.

3. Get inspired.

It may seem like it’s easier to achieve our goals when we’re at home, but sometimes routines can turn into a rut. When we’re traveling, everything we look at is new, which can give us new ideas and reignite our passion.

Take advantage of this opportunity by enjoying everything your travel spot has to offer. Walk in nature, go to museums, eat at the best restaurants and talk to the locals.

If you’re on a business trip, carve out a couple hours here and there where you can explore. Go for a morning walk in nature, eat lunch at a local hotspot or go downtown in the evening.

At the end of the day, write down a few sentences in a journal about new ideas you had or how inspired or creative you felt. When you’re back home, read your journal whenever you need a boost of inspiration. Remembering the passion and excitement you felt while traveling can sometimes be all you need to get out a funk and get back to work.

4. Practice moderation.

While traveling, it can be easy to develop an “all or nothing” mentality. Since you can’t go to your local gym, you may decide to skip exercising altogether. Since you’re surrounded by delicious restaurants, you’ll order what you really want at every meal, even if it’s all deep fried with no vegetables in sight.

Instead of going “all or nothing,” practice a little moderation. You don’t have to work out an hour a day, but add some activity to your trip. This could be a swim at the hotel pool, checking out a local yoga class or a full day of sightseeing on foot.

Let yourself eat the yummy local cuisine, but rotate in a few healthy meals here and there. If you’re staying at a hotel or Airbnb with a kitchen, pick up essentials at the grocery store and cook a few healthy meals for yourself. You can enjoy your trip while staying true to your health goals, and when you get back home, you won’t be in a panic to “get back on track.”

5. Let loose and have fun.

If you have goals that you are working hard on achieving, give yourself some time off to just relax and have fun. If you can fully disconnect for at least part of your trip, you’ll probably find that you’re more driven and focused when you return home. Rest can do wonders for motivation!

What is your biggest challenge when traveling? What do you do to stick to your goals when far away from home? Please share!

I wish you a safe, fun and inspiring trip!