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I Am Confident

Hi everybody!

Welcome to Meditation Monday!

Our I AM Affirmation Series from the I AM Deck of Cards.

Meditation Mondays with Loren Lahav: I Am Confident from Loren Lahav on Vimeo.

Today I have pulled from the Kids Decks (because as you know we have Kids Decks, Women’s Decks, and Men’s Decks — one set for everyone in the family)…

So the I AM Affirmation on Today’s Meditation Monday, whether you are an adult or a child, it applies to all of us.

This week’s mantra is: I AM Confident.

I AM Confident.

Today, I will be the best I can in everything I do.

Me at my best is awesome!

I AM Confident. Asher Slocum — A Confident Young Lady, shows today's I AM Affirmation Card: "Today, I will be the best I can in everything I do. Me at my best is awesome!"
Asher Slocum — A Confident Young Lady, shows today’s I AM Affirmation Card: “I AM Confident. Today, I will be the best I can in everything I do. Me at my best is awesome!”

I think that this is a great one for all of us to remember.

As you know I always talk about how what you do first thing in the morning is the most important thing that you ever do…

How many how many of us really wake up and say to ourselves I’m confident?

Or how many of you focus on: “I’m really not where I want to be at”?

So what do I do?


The Top Three Things to Really Be Confident:

1). Fill up with your mind with some premium fuel!

A top priority for me is to make sure I always consume some great fuel for my head. Because what happens between our ears is the most important thing we have control over, and we can do this every day — fill our minds with premium fuel and content.


2). Pay attention to your physiology…

The second point of focus for me, something I do every day, is pay attention to my physiology. We’ve talked about how I’ve learned this from being the world of personal development for so many years… and how Physiology Comes First.

A lot of the times when I am coaching, especially when guiding other women, I will say things like “stand tall” or “stand proud”… and that shifts their focus immediately. Go ahead, try it now. Stand tall, stand proud. Can you feel the change in your energy and mental clarity right away?

This is a great tip for kids or anybody else to try.

So as you go out into the world this week, remember to stand tall and stand proud or as we also say sometimes — boobs out! And you will know exactly how to stand and walk around with so much more confidence.


3). Make sure you’re hanging around great people.

Once again, we tend to become like the people we spend most of our time with… So, are your people those who are cheering you on? Especially on your Mondays when you are starting the day?

Me? I like to start it the night before, as I go to bed, on Sundays. I close my eyes and quietly think about the people I’ve spent my week with.

Who are the people that you were with Sunday night? Go ahead and spend some time. Reflect on this because these folks you surround yourself with are going be tons of that premium fuel for you for the rest of the week.


Here’s to your confidence! Here’s to you being your very best!

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Until the next time,

— Loren Lahav