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In Life Tuneups, Loren Slocum empowers and reminds all women―single, married, working, with or without kids―to recognize their unique gifts, celebrate their inner beauty, and take care of themselves as they juggle the myriad facets of their lives. She insists that when a woman is true to herself, she really can have it all―that she can wake up each day feeling motivated, energized, inspired, and passionate about her life.

Each chapter begins by defining a word―woman, journey, passion, great, feminine, balance, space, rituals―and then examines what it means in women’s lives today. Writing in the first and second person, Loren speaks to readers in the same warm and reassuring tone that has earned her such distinction as a personal development seminar leader, speaker, life fulfillment coach―and mom.

Life Tuneups shows how true leadership emerges when a woman steers away from the fast lane to martyrhood and begins to move toward rediscovering her inner core. It encourages women to think about the important things in life, and gives examples of others―both everyday women and famous women―who have pulled through difficult situations. And it guides women through the process of achieving balance and happiness in the little things―whether in morning rituals, journaling, or pampering themselves. Self-assessment prompts and questions throughout help women reconnect with their dreams and passions.

Ultimately, Life Tuneups teaches women that they must take time for themselves, and it gives them the tools to go from ideology to action, to incorporate real―and lasting―change into their lives.

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