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Summer Smoothie Fun - Loren Lahav | STAY TRUE CEO

Summer Smoothie Fun

People know that I am very into health and wellness. Any time the topic comes up with other moms about a healthy diet for their family and making exercise part of their lifestyle, I get the same questions: “How do you get your family on-board? How do you get them to commit to an exercise program and to eat healthy when they would rather sit, watch TV, and eat junk food?”

I don’t want to appear as if I am over simplifying the answer but honestly… it really is simple.

Make whatever you do more appealing than watching television and eating junk food! See… Simple.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean paying a big gym membership and dragging yourself there at a specific time for a certain class. Eating healthy doesn’t mean tasteless chicken breast night after night. People become discouraged when they feel as if they are doing to have to do and eat things they don’t enjoy for the rest of their life and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Smoothies are a great example and summertime is the perfect time to introduce them to your family. Kids are always on the go in the summer and giving them something cool and yummy is sure to be a hit. Here are two tips to keep in mind:

  1. Be encouraging when offering a smoothie
  2. Let the family help

Here are a few of my favorite recipes to get you started. As you hand your child or spouse a smoothie, be excited and encouraging. Saying “OMG, try this!” I came up with this new recipe and I love it. What do you think? Will go a long way. If you offer the smoothie while saying, “Here, drink this”. You need to find some way of getting some healthy food in you than you can be pretty certain you will be met with resistance.

Make it a family event. Let each person try to make their own concoction and taste test it with the others. If it’s a hit, write it down on a recipe card. Don’t try to pull one over on them by sneaking in the kale and other good foods. Part of learning to make fun and tasty smoothies is understanding that there is also goodness in there. Explain that by adding a few pieces of kale to a pineapple/orange smoothie they are still getting all the good stuff with none of the yucky taste. I have a friend who really hates broccoli but she adds it to her juice recipes and is able to get all the nutrients without any of the unpleasant taste. A win-win.

Good eating habits that are developed early will carry into adulthood.

Be a part of educating your family in a fun way that will keep them engaged. Making the smoothie ingredients always available and teaching (age-appropriate) kids how to use the blender will make it easy for them to be independent when looking for a yummy snack. Before you know it, they will be making smoothies for their friends and coming up with their own delicious recipes.

~xoxo Loren