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Unfinished Business and a Clean Slate

Do you often feel yourself mired in chaos because of all the stuff that needs to get done, or just the clutter that you find surrounding you in your environment?  Have you thought about how the energy feels in this state… does it feel stuck or flowing?  My guess is that not only has the energy stopped, you’re finding a hard time moving forward in life because of all these encumbrances that are bogging you down.
This week, we’re going to focus on Unfinished Business, also known as “Incompletions.”  It’s all the physical undertakings that we’ve had good intentions of finishing, but just never got around to them for whatever reason.  Ultimately, they are preventing us from having a clean slate on which to create what it is we truly desire and laying a solid foundation for growth.  Although they may be physical obstacles, in reality, they weigh us down in ways other than physically:  mentally, emotionally, spiritually, because they are always tugging at us and keep us from our passion and joy for life.
Debbie Ford’s metaphor of incompletions being little bloodsuckers is so apropos:  “Imagine they are somewhere in your body, draining your self-esteem, your feelings of worthiness, your drive, your passion, and your confidence. If you could see each of these little bloodsuckers, wouldn’t you quickly do what ever it takes to remove them?”
So let’s do a little exercise to get rid of those bloodsuckers.  Get comfortable, get resourceful, and with pen and paper, start to list the incompletions you have in your life.  As you write, be aware of how you are starting to feel.  Do you feel as if weight is being lifted off your shoulders and that your slate is being wiped clean?
If you are having a hard time getting started, here are a few examples:
Ø  Incomplete projects, like organizing all those photos.
Ø  Clearing clutter.
Ø  Filing – organizing – going digital.  Do you have bank and credit card statements piling up?  Or receipts for deductible expenses?
Ø  Excess body fat you’ve been saying you’re going to get rid of for years.   Up to now, it’s still talk.
Ø  Sorting through and donating/giving away/selling clothes that don’t fit or no longer express who you are.
Ø  Paying a storage facility every month to store things you either no longer need or have no idea you still own.
Ø  Finishing the book you’ve been working on for years.
Ø  Setting up a financial plan.
Ø  Having that garage sale you’ve been accumulating items for.
Ø  Making those phone calls to people you’ve been wanting to re-connect with.
Hopefully, these will jog your memory.  So, write away!
After you have completed your list…
1.    Identify why you need to follow through.
2.    Then, list what action(s) you need to take to complete each item.
3.    Next, set target dates for completion.  Be realistic, but don’t cut yourself too much slack.  Create a sense of urgency by reminding yourself your future is waiting and is contingent upon your cleaning your slate before you can move forward.
There may be an item or two that you decide you don’t want or need to finish or complete.  In that case, be prepared to let them go and bury them as part of the past that will no longer clog your present or future.  Just let that sh– go!
Once you start eliminating your incompletions and checking off your list, you’ll feel a sense of relief and lightness.  Your energy and mental focus will no longer feel scattered and chaotic and you will no longer feel resigned about your state of affairs.  Once you have purged, you can start seeing clearly and move forward with confidence and feeling empowered.   Bringing completion and closure to the past will give you the drive and momentum to prepare for an exciting future.  Give yourself this gift and experience newfound freedom in your life!
~xoxo Loren 
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