Loren Lahav

We Are All a Work in Progress

Over the past year, I’ve made some big changes in my business.

I started putting these blog posts up once a week, writing regular emails to my subscribers and engaging more on social media.

I’ve also been working on a huge makeover for my website.

I was beginning to feel like I had it all figured out—until my friend suggested that I hire a brand consultant to help with my big website relaunch and help me get my message out there to more people.

And you know what?

After meeting with this brand consultant, I realized something.

I did NOT have it all figured out! After just one conversation with him, I discovered there are so many lessons left for me to learn.

It was an important reminder to me that we are all a work in progress.

Even the people in your life who are super successful, who you look at with awe and think have all their shi*t together … they are a work in progress too!

They probably don’t look at their own lives and work the way you do. They probably look at their own lives and businesses with a highly critical lens, seeing all the imperfections and ways that they can improve.

We’re all just doing our best to reach our goals and live our best lives, dialing things in a little more every day.

So, the next time you think to yourself “I just wish I had this all figured out,” stop and take a beat.

You have an opportunity to make things even greater! That’s what the real high achievers do. They’re never satisfied with just “good enough.”

They keep working and improving, smashing goals left and right, but never reaching the finish line. Because you know what?

There is no finish line!

Do you think Serena Williams was satisfied with 22 Grand Slam titles?

Hell no! She kept training and giving it her all on the tennis court and won her 23rd Grand Slam in 2017—while she was 8 weeks pregnant!

Now that she’s had her baby, she’s back out on the court again, ready to break her own Grand Slam record. She knows that she hasn’t crossed the finish line yet—and she’s going to keep working and becoming an even greater athlete.

Do you think that the people who show up at personal development events go home and magically have their lives exactly the way they want them?

Of course not! I always say that the real work begins at home. Your life can’t change overnight. It takes work and commitment.

As long as you are willing to do the work to get better, there’s no shame in being a work in progress. So wear that badge proudly!

I’m all about hunkering down and getting things done. Every day, from 10 to 2, I hunker down and do the most important work for my business.

Years ago I hung a pair of goggles on my computer to remind myself to “Put my goggles on and swim!” Those goggles are a daily reminder of my commitment to goals and my business.

Of course, I have days when I wish I DID have it all done. Those days when I’m tired and it feels tough to just keep going.

On those days, I just remind myself WHY I’m doing what I’m doing. I don’t HAVE to keep writing blogs and I don’t HAVE to redo my website, but I want my business to reach more people. I want to build more relationships, help more people and empower those people to inspire others.

When you have your toughest days, remind yourself of your why—and you’ll find the strength to press on!

You may even want to try what I do, hanging up a reminder of what you need to do, so every day you see it and get to work.

So abandon that idea of having it all figured out. Let go of that idea of having it all “done” or being “perfect.”

Just move forward with your vision, keep learning, keep getting a little better every day, and keep putting the work in. You will get there!

Who knows? Maybe at this time next year I’ll look back and my business will be unrecognizable … yet I’ll still have a list of things I want to implement. I’ll just keep working on it one thing at a time!

What area in your life are you working on? What is that big goal you’re working on achieving, a little bit every day? Leave me a comment and let me know!